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Site Security
Security has always been the #1 priority for DSSI. Our unique, redundant Transaction Network Providers are protected in security facilities throughout the U.S. with access limited to key personnel.

Most shopping carts (cgi bins) reside on ISPís where access may be available to numerous people in the ISPís back office because of the hosting or data-basing requirements. The greater the number of people with access to your order, the greater the possibility of a breach in security. And if the ISP is not a specialist in secure transmission's and does not have the latest safe guards in place then your order is also vulnerable to a hacker attack. 

For security reasons our web site is hosted by two providers: 

The first provider: Is authenticated by GoeTrust but is not secured by VeriSign or anybody. It is NOT used for ordering or fulfillment but for simply looking, shopping and browsing.

The seconded provider: The second you click on one of our order buttons you are then immediately transferred to our secured transaction network provider where all your order information is immediately encrypted and stays encrypted and protected until retrieved by DSSI

Our customersí information is only visible to DSSI, program provider and your processing bank. Limiting the sensitive information to key people reduces the risk of a security breach. The Transaction Networks holds your orders securely until DSSI access the Network with our password and retrieve the order, so you can be assured that your information given to us will be secure. With thousands of transactions each day there has never been a breach of security or loss of protected information with our Transaction Network provider.

DSSI practices a strict privacy policy for all order information within the secure Transaction Network, and we will not release or sell any information held within our Network. All order information is 128 encrypted and protected for access only by DSSI.

Certain Restrictions Apply: Call for details.

If you ever need help or have questions about any of or products or services.

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