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Welcome to the Direct Satellite Service, Inc. Privacy Policy page.

Direct Satellite Service, Inc. Consumer Privacy Policy
This policy covers all Consumer Direct Satellite Service, Inc. (DSSI) Web sites

General Policy:
This policy covers information collected by Direct Satellite Service, Inc. on any of its Web sites and through transactions

No information about you will be sold or released to anyone without prior consent except in the case of sales agreement default, program provider request or a court order.

Information We Collect from You:

This information may include but is not limited to, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, credit card information, demographic information, and personal interests.

Direct Satellite Service, Inc. may combine information we have on you as a customer from multiple sources, both online and offline. This includes information available from external sources.

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Security of Information:
All customer information is maintained in secure databases.

Credit Card Transactions:
Credit card transactions are processed using a secure, encrypted Web server. Unauthorized parties cannot read your credit card information as it travels through our ordering system.

Credit card information collected during transactions is maintained in a secure database at Direct Satellite Service, Inc. for fraud prevention and accounting and billing purposes. The information is also securely maintained by JAC Systems, Inc. for accounting and billing purposes. Your credit card information is not available to unauthorized parties while in these databases.

Stored information from credit card transactions is not released to third party marketers under any circumstances. Stored information from credit card transactions is not released to anyone unless they are a program provider or under court order as part of a criminal investigation.

Direct Satellite Service, Inc. does not knowingly attempt to collect personal information from children under the age of 13. Note that Direct Satellite Service, Inc. cannot always determine that a user is a child.

Direct Satellite Service, Inc. does maintain databases of current customers and people who have shown an interest in Direct Satellite Service, Inc. products and/or services. This information is not released under any other circumstance except by court order.

Internet 'cookies' may be used to customize Direct Satellite Service, Inc. Web sites to the viewer. These cookies remain on the user's system and are automatically retrieved when a user visits at a later time. These cookies contain only information concerning the type of customer (current or potential) and frequently visited pages. No other personal information is stored on cookies.

Since it is not necessary for a person to identify him or herself, cookies cannot be associated with an individual who selects not to log in or identify him or herself in any other way.

Customers who are still uncomfortable with the use of cookies have the option of disabling them on their browser. Direct Satellite Service, Inc. in no way discriminates against Web site visitors who have disabled cookies on their browser.

Interactive Television:
Direct Satellite Service, Inc. can identify you based on your receiver.
Currently, customers cannot opt-out of this service.

Other Stored Information:
Aggregate reports for Web site visitors are also generated to measure the performance of Direct Satellite Service, Inc. Web sites. These reports do not contain any personally identifiable information.

When an individual visits any Internet site, a unique address called an "IP address" is recorded. Direct Satellite Service, Inc. does not release any information about the collection of this address to any third party except under court order. Direct Satellite Service, Inc. archives the log files in order to create aggregate statistical reports, detect errors at the Web site, and for security reasons.

'Redirects' or the logging of clicks for external links is only done for advertisements. This is indicated by link to a URL such as '/redirect.asp?url= ...' The external URL is clearly marked in the "url=" portion.

Favicon.ico requests: Some browsers initiate a favicon.ico request made to a Web site when a user adds a site to their "Favorites" list. The ".ico" stands for "icon." It is a small 16x16 icon that replaces the standard icon used for a Web page. Favicon.ico requests are not tracked by Direct Satellite Service, Inc. at this time.

Access to Your Personal Information:
You may also access your account information by calling 1-888-681-8154 to speak with a Direct Satellite Service, Inc. Customer Service Representative.

Other Web Sites and Interactive Television Applications:
There are several places throughout Direct Satellite Service, Inc. Web sites and interactive television services where you may link to other organizations' Web sites and/or interactive television applications. When you click through to these sites or applications, Direct Satellite Service, Inc.'s Privacy Policy no longer applies. You are then subject to the privacy policy of the new site/application. Direct Satellite Service, Inc. recommends you read the privacy policy for all third-party Web sites  in order to understand how they use your personal information.

The restrictions on the dissemination of personal information found in this policy may occasionally be updated. All changes will be posted to this Privacy Policy page.

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